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Once to the other end of the world, and stay :) Travelling in the Nature

Why not just do it, instead of just dreaming and hoping.

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    My History!

    The past is history, tomorrow is mystery and today is a gift.
    Thats why we call it a present



    Everything start here

    The Birth of our Idea

    We often asked ourselves what kind of world we wanted to show our children. Not a world of dreams, but a world of doing. We have a life, so we have a chance to make our dreams come true.


    The Plan

    preparing our Masterplan

    Of course, there was a lot of planning to do before we could make our dream come true, because with the family in our hand luggage, we wanted to make sure everything was ready.


    Make it

    get the stuff done

    From planning the trip to get to know the whole country, selling our house and accumulated belongings, choosing a competent consulting team, container shipping and booking air tickets, it was a long list of more than 200 tasks.


    We found our Love

    Its Travelling Time

    Laughing with one eye and crying with the other, we have turned our backs on Europe and on the people; it's all or nothing; let's go!


    Our passion

    Travel Guide

    We are here, exactly where we wanted to be. Sure, not everything is easy, but it is easier to be here than to mourn...


    We are RESIDENT now

    arrived to stay

    A year ago we didn't know how, where and for how long, now we can stay forever =)


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    Our support Hotline is available ... sometimes: (+64) 457 865 5711

    Google Map

    Google Map

    About Us

    We have followed our dreams and arrived in New Zealand. Yes, we are happy to be here :)

    Bay of Plenty
    3116 Mount Maunganui
    +64 21 0700 3XX

    79771 Klettgau
    07742 9911XX


    There are so many beautiful places here that it would take more than a lifetime to see them all.

    One time here and one time there and otherwise all over the place ...